Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Laugh-Out-Loud Moment

Being slightly OCD (obsessive compulsive -- I'm going to leave the word disorder off) I'm compulsive about a few things and then again a messy desk drawer doesn't bother me a bit. But if someone moves something on a shelf or puts something in the 'fridge where it 'doesn't belong', I am compelled to move it back where it lives.
The same rule has been applied to such rituals as reading the newspaper in a specific order, hanging everything in my closet by color code and type of garment, and counting the silverware and dishes as I remove them from the dishwasher.
I also hang onto old, very old, habits. One thing I remember from my childhood was my father telling me that by reading the comics in the newspaper every day you not only learn life lessons but begin your day with humor. I still read the comics every day, however, they are not on the top of the pile of newspaper sections. I sort the sections in order of reading, local news first, then world news, followed by other sections that appear on certain days of the week, like food columns and, lastly, the comics because that's also where the crossword puzzle is and I absolutely must do the puzzle! He also said that reading the want ads was a clear clue as to how the economy was going. I don't do that. Sorry, Daddy.
This morning, reading my daily newspaper, I got to the comic section and read only those strips that have made my 'list'. I always read Pickles by Brian Crane. Today's made me laugh out loud; causing my husband to look up from the sports section (I never read that). I had to read Pickles to him even though he isn't a laugh-out-loud kind of guy. He has a wonderful sense of humor but laughing out loud is not his thing. He did think this one was very funny, though.
I have to share this morning's Pickles with you. Pickles is a small box of three or four cells. The characters are an elderly couple. Today they are lying in bed, she reading the paper and he obviously trying to go to sleep. She reads, "It says here that when men sleep, 70% of their brain activity sleeps too. But when women sleep, only 10% of their brain activity goes to sleep. That's why I'm always more tired than you. My brain won't go to sleep."
And, he says, "It's probably just keeping your mouth company."
Hope you laughed out loud.