Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Intelligent breaks

It's amazing how one's opinion and behavior will change with the years.  As a much younger woman I thought rests were just another name for idleness and a chance to be lazy. Boy, has that opinion changed, and for the better I must admit.

Afternoon naps were something babies and very old people took, or else perhaps the napper was just lazy. Now I look at 'rests' as being an intelligent break. A short nap and/or break is like charging your batteries which, of course, makes sense. But there are other things which constitute a necessity for a 'break'. Things like taking time to read, even though the dishwasher needs to be unloaded, or there's a load of laundry in the washer that should, sometime soon, be put in the dryer. I love to read and lately haven't taken enough time off to pursue this embedded love in my life (reading is taking a break) so I'm going to change that as much as I can.

Then there are activities which I've put on the back-burner because there just doesn't seem to be enough time to take a break then. Well, yesterday I changed that pattern, big time. I went to Lake Placid, which is about thirty miles south of where I live. I went with a group of ladies from my church, Sunridge Baptist Church. We were invited to Leisure Lakes Baptist Church to have lunch with a lovely group of ladies and were enthralled with a vibrant and funny speaker who brought along with her an impressive musical woman who sang and played the auto-harp. I'd never seen an auto harp before so it was not only a pleasure to see and hear it but it was a learning experience, too. We joined in on some of the songs, which always pleases me as a former choir member.

The speaker was a knock-your-socks-off presenter using a plethora of knowledge and a keen sense of humor. The musical addition was an excellent complement to her words of wisdom and outlook on life . The luncheon was great and the desserts even greater (you can see where my heart it - the more icing the better). But the obvious value was the break from my normal routine which consists mainly caring for my darling husband.

There were other important features of this BREAK. I got to mingle with other Christian women and the group from our church was made up of 8 chatty women, some of whom I didn't really know. Pack 8 chatty women in a van and you find out things you'd never have before. We had such a good time sharing our thoughts and laughing, which is another important part of a break of this kind.

So, today I've taken another break. I've taken time to think out this blog and reminisce about the wonderful time I had yesterday. It certainly was a battery charger. Try it, you'll like it.

Have a great day. God bless