Thursday, February 14, 2013

I've fallen -- but I can get up

I have  broken a promise I made to myself. You will note I didn't use the word resolution, as in New Year's day activities. No, I promised myself I would write something every day, create a blog at least once a week, work on my unfinished manuscript and do other writing activities as I chose.Well, I've fallen short.

I did something unusual for me. A novelist who can't tell the story in less than 100,000 words, I wrote three short stories. One for an emag site and two for the FWA 2013 Collection. I enjoyed the challenge. I also just wrote a book review for our book club which meets later today. It was a random choice from the shelves of our in-house library. I was enthralled with it. The book, Epiphany, written by Paul McCusker and I loved it. Gave it a 5 star rating. Well written, different and captivating with just enough passion, an interesting voice and a good plot. One thing that I never miss (if possible) is my book club which meets once a month. We have a rather unique program. Rather than all of us reading the same book and reporting on it (when many reports are the same), we all read a book and then give a report and rating. It is such fun and introduces us to many books we might not ever choose.

But, getting back to my failed promise  the unfinished manuscript is still unfinished and the blog got shoved aside for other activities and duties. I must admit (not seeking any pity party) that my time is taken up by necessary things. A glance at my calendar for February indicates that in all I had 4 days with noting noted and that count didn't include Sundays. For the rest of this short month, I have 3 days not filled. These activities include doctor's appointments, things we have committed to prior to February and minor things like a hair cut and getting Lenny's driver's license cancelled (he hasn't driven a car in 8 years and will not do so in the future, hence, why a license?) Still, minor things take time and I promised (that word again) that I wouldn't put more than one, or maybe two things in my day. There are other important things I have to do at home.

To be honest, I am not looking for excuses but then perhaps I am. Still, even if I've fallen short of my promise, I will get up and get going --- soon. I have a book signing scheduled for February 23rd -- Yea! It is going to be at a little garden cafe in Sebring and I'm looking forward to it. Then there is an appointment with a reporter who is doing a piece on local authors and how they got published. Another plus. I even have another book signing set up for March 9th. I've been unable to do many book signings this fall and winter so I'm really looking forward to those events.

So the whole thing doesn't look as grim as it started out to be. With faith there is a future for all of us. Happy reading. God bless.