Tuesday, November 8, 2011

After all this time -- good news!

I know I've been away from my blog for way too long. Lot's of things seem to have gotten in the way and I've used excuses I shouldn't have. One of the excuses was that my husband had to go through a series of physical therapy sessions, four times a week for 6 weeks. It took a chunk out of our days but the happy news is that we see some nice results so, of course, it was well worth it.

I also took a time off -- attending the annual Florida Writer's Conference in Orlando Florida. It was a four day trip and I thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of it. Five of us 'gals' from the writer's critique group, smilingly named Avon Park Wordsmiths, went together. We had a ball and the workshops, the intermingling with other authors (there were over 450 in attendance) the speakers, the programs, the food, the facilities -- I could go on but I won't. Another very nice occurrence was my dear, dear friend, Bette Crosby, from the east coast of Florida, came to the banquet. I hadn't seen her in four years. It was a wonderful reunion and she was warmly greeted by my other dear, dear friends who accompanied me. But the icing on this lovely cake of good times was the Awards Banquet. First Bette won second place in the unpublished women's fiction and we all celebrated that (loudly). Then wonder of wonders, my name was called as winning first place in the same genre for Finding Amy. Bedlam occurred as I rushed to the front to receive the award. Then on my way back to our table I took a detour to visit my publisher and while I was speaking with her I heard an outcry "Go back, Go back, They want you up front again." Stunned I rushed back to the front to find that Finding Amy had also taken the award for BOOK OF THE YEAR!! It's been two weeks and I still get shaky inside when someone wants to talk about that. And to think, I almost didn't go. Prayers are answered and no, I didn't pray to win anything, I just prayed that I could go. Another perk that went with the Book Of The Year award was that I got an interview with a New York agent. She has since requested the entire manuscript for Finding Amy and I'm just waiting to hear from her. I will share that news when it comes.

But while I was away, my wonderful friends here in our community rallied around and looked in on Lenny while I was away, seeing he got to his card game, that he took his pills, that he had dinner, and also that he didn't have to miss the wedding of two of our friends, Alice and Les. He even was the recipient of some tasty cranberry muffins!It was truly a blessing to know he was being cared for while I was away. So, because of their kindness and love, I was able to enjoy a wonderful break and he was able to keep well and happy until I returned.

Since returning I've been fortunate in receiving many messages of congratulations, hearing from friends and family far and wide. Since I consider any talent I might have as being a gift from God, I am sincerely humbled by all this.

Now I'm working on my next manuscript tentatively entitled The Journey Back (but subject to change along the way -- that's how it happens sometimes.)