Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What a Tuesday

There are blessings and then there are blessings. Lenny had an appointment with his eye doctor at 10:30. Now that might not sound so difficult except -- well since my doctor changed my meds I'm sleeping much better (that's a blessing) but with all we have to do in the morning care-wise for him, I had to set the alarm clock to be sure we were up and away in time for the doctor. I hate that alarm clock and once made a promise to myself that when I retired I'd never use it again. That promise was broken years ago but I still hate the alarm clock.

So we were off to the doctor's on time and it was a good meeting. Lenny has a MRSR infection that he brought home from rehab. It's in his eyes and if any of you know about MRSRs they are a pain. For 8 weeks we've been putting drops in 4 times a day, ointment at bedtime and two antibiotic pills a day. Today the doctor said the infection is still there but better. He doesn't want to see him for 6-8 weeks. That's another blessing.

Then a reporter from the News Sun, a local newspaper, came to the house to interview me for a write-up in the paper. The writ-up will also appear in the Heartland Cultural Alliance newsletter. It's all about why I write, how I write and featuring Finding Amy. Another blessing.

We are card players and so every Tuesday evening we wheel it up to the clubhouse in our golf cart (it is never used for golf anymore but I guess it's still a golf cart). On Tuesdays we play Euchre, a silly game with five cards per hand and some even sillier rules but it's fun and a night out.

Right now I'm supposed to be watching the Yankees but I'm in here. Lenny is watching and will bring me up-to-date when I return to the living room. I'm as big a fan of sports as he is and since he cannot read well right now, I'm getting even better by reading the sports pages to him. Watched a bit of the French Open Tennis this morning, too. Surprisingly I'm a fan of golf, baseball, football and tennis.

Guess I'd better quite and see what the Yankees are up to. More to come. Have a wonderful day (tomorrow since today is almost gone). See you soon,

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