Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Back from the past and on to the future.

Locusts rear their heads and re-enter the scene once every seventeen years.  I didn't take that long but for the past few years I haven't been heard from. My last blog was…well it's embarrassing to admit to that long a hiatus, but I was my husband's 24/7care-giver for over two years. My darling Lenny passed away in July of this year. Grieving is not an easy job but I know where he is and I'm sure he'd want me to get back to writing. He was such an enthusiastic inspiration to me.

As a writer I thought getting back to writing would help to balance me in this period of grief and resurrection. But, I couldn't write. Or, I thought so. Coming home from our 13th FWA Conference has stiffened my spine, opened my mind and filled my heart with longing to begin again -- to go on. I'm sure this week I'll get back to the two manuscripts I left six months ago. In glancing over the material, I know I'll have to re-write most of it. My writing had dwindled down to short periods of time when I could sit at the computer, usually late at night. Heaven only knows where my mind was but it apparently wasn't on the plot and the poor characters were definitely on their own. Those operative words, 'go on', have inspired me.

The FWA Conference is a wealth of many things. Being with fellow writers and inspired by the workshops, my 'I can do that attitude' is picking at my brain again, my fingers itch to strike the keyboard, my thoughts are stirring, escaping from the dark space they had hidden in for far too long. It was the writers, the presenters, and that wonderful staff at the Conference who have inspired me to work again and I wish I could personally thank each and every one of them. those who so willingly give of their knowledge, time and expertise. I can't wait for next October. In the meantime I'll have a permanent smile on my lips as I work and remember. I love those two words.

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