Thursday, January 10, 2013

B as in blessings

Some weeks go better than others but all weeks and days have blessings. 

This week started off with me having to cancel and reschedule a doctor's appointment for me. You know how that is, you search your calendar, they check their's trying to fit another thing into the days. 

On the second Tuesday I meet with the ladies group from our church for our monthly luncheon. We always have a great time of fellowship and food, two great words. Since at this meeting we celebrate birthdays falling in that month, and it being January, I was honored for my 81st birthday. We even had cake with lots of icing! I love icing. Then I made one of my many trips to Wal-Marts and picked up yet another prescription. I really think Lenny and I win the prize for the number of prescriptions we need each week (and the amount of money we leave at that Pharmacy). Still, it was something that he needs, a new medication which we hope takes care of an ongoing problem.

Wednesday I got my hair cut, after waiting two months to get around to it. I changed the appointment twice before I just said, I'll call you when I can come in. She always does such a great job and I 'treated' myself to an eyebrow shaping. She had enough white hair on the floor to stuff a small pillow. Phew!

Thursday, today, is a day I look forward to every month. On the second Thursday of the month the Crystal Ball Book Club meets at one of the members homes. We are a congenial group of women and we share news, laughs and the books we read. It is a different set up than a lot of book clubs. We don't all read the same book, but give a report on one we've read during the past month. That way we all get to take part in the program and each of us is quickly jotting down the names and authors of some of the books reviewed. It seems to open us up to more books and if there's anything better to reading gals than more books I don't know what it is. Of course, the hostess for the month always manages to have some scrumptious snacks for us, too. I truly treat this event and the ladies who make it such fun as definitely a blessing.

Tomorrow, Friday, I have to get up early (ugh) and take the car in for an oil change. I had to get an early appointment because from 1:00 to 3:00+ I chair the Avon Park Wordsmith's writers critique group. It's held in the library so I'll probably pick up one of the books mentioned today if I can. I did get one of the books reviewed today because the reviewer offered to share it. It's The Postmistress by Sarah Blake. I'm already thirty pages into the book and know I'm going to love it. In the evening we will be going to the clubhouse to play Pinochle. We both love cards and the friendships that go along with the games.

Saturday looks like I might get time to wrap up some of the things I'm going to take to the Trash and Treasure Sale at the clubhouse and try and turn the treasures I'm parting with (in the hopes that we sell the house before too long) into a veritable fund of money Ha! Ha! At least it will clear out a couple of cupboards and closets. I am an admitted pack-rat.

Sunday will be the same as always and isn't it nice to have one day of the week that is normal and comfortable with no appointments or surprises (or at least rare surprises). We'll go to church in the morning and then we usually go to breakfast/lunch with a couple who are not only fellow members but our dearest friends. Then in the evening I get to watch PBS and now it's a series of  Downton Abby. It's the third series and is a story about an English Lord and Lady and their immense staff. It is so well written, the actors are wonderful and the photography is great. I've watched it from the first series, then the second series and now the much awaited third series and it is certainly not overdone or boring. I can hardly wait for next Sunday.

So that's a rundown on an almost typical week for us. Fortunately, it wasn't as filled with doctor's appointments, lab tests and therapy sessions. We are also fortunate that right now the therapy sessions are held in the house. That saves a lot of work and traveling. Lenny is getting such good home health care and that is another blessing.

Guess that's the week in a nutshell. Exciting life, eh? I'm trying to keep up my intention of writing a blog and working on my manuscripts. I did write two short stories for submission to the FWA Collection #5. A new collection is published each year and all the entries are based on a given prompt. This year it's It's a Crime and all the stories have to be about a crime. Fun. I love competitions, especially short stories because they are a challenge for me. I usually can't tell a story with less than 100,000 words. Guess that's why I write novels.

Take care, stay tuned and God Bless,

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