Friday, January 18, 2013


As promised here comes the blog on the letter C. I've chosen CHANGES as I blog through the alphabet

CHANGE, after all, is what life's about. Just think of the changes you've encountered in your life. But what stirred me to make today's blog about CHANGES is that things are surely changing, and pretty fast lately. For instance, this morning when I got out of bed, the first thing I checked was the thermostat. It was 62° in the house! I might remind you that I live in Florida. They say (whoever they are?) that your blood doesn't thin. Well, pardon me, but I disagree.

I remember when I lived in Pennsylvania 62° anywhere was wonderful. But, after living in Florida for over twenty four years, year 'round, I'm COLD (another C word) at anything under 70°. So, I put the heat on and now it's a reasonable 72° in the house, but I just checked the weather on the computer and it's 48° outside. That's COLD. Of course, our COLD doesn't usually last long and before the afternoon is out it will get up to at least something in the 70s. I shouldn't complain as I look out the window at the blue sky, the green trees and lawns and my ever faithful Crown of Thorns blooming their little red heads off. Even my yellow hibiscus is still blooming. What wonders God does provide.

But, getting back to changes, yesterday I wore Capri-length pants and a tee top. Today I'm in a sweater and jeans. So there goes the theory of your blood thinning. Mine must be the consistency of tea right now.

Then there's the theory of climate changes (more C words). I seem to remember this past summer that it was hotter in Indiana and surrounding states than it was in Florida, which is tropical and usually has temperatures I love. My children live in Pennsylvania and often when I was speaking to my son this summer, it was hotter there than here. I don't really know about this climate changing thing the experts are arguing over but it seems to me a hurricane in the northeast in late fall or early winter is strange and certainly an unexpected, dangerous and serious change in weather conditions. Florida is supposed to have hurricanes during the hurricane season, May to November. Thankfully, we haven't had any real dangerous ones since 2004 when we were inundated with four dramatically serious hurricanes, all in one season and which we lived through.

I don't know but I think theories are just that -- theoretical. Still, when the temp is lower than 70° in the house, I'm cold and my thin blood lets me know.

I know the weather has been pretty awful in some places this year, but then that's in my opinion. Snow can be beautiful—from a distance. Ice is never nice unless you're skating on it in an indoor rink and frostbite is out of the questions. Hope you are having the weather you enjoy. Have a great day and God bless.

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